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Popular Destinations

Unsure where to go, take a look at some of these popular destinations.


Naples, Italy

Naples is the foodie’s dream city of Italy. With over 960,000 residents in the city, it is the third largest urban area in Italy. Naples is often overshadowed by other Italian cities, but it is filled with art, history and magnificent food! Famous tourist attractions of this beautiful city include Naples Cathedral, Cappella Sansevero and Santa Lucia.

Naples experiences a beautiful Mediterranean climate, which means the weather is almost always very lovely. The best times to visit would have to be over spring (March to May) and autumn (September and October), as this is when you will have missed most of the peak season tourists and the temperature is on average about 23°C. In the peak of tourist season, August, many small business owners also tend to close up shop in Naples, allowing for more tourists than locals in the city. Though the winter months are generally off peak season, Italy as a whole tends to get very busy as the country is full of tourists visiting the Vatican in Rome and its surrounding cities.

Naples is home to the most mouth-watering oven-baked pizzas in Italy, and that isn’t even the best thing about it! The city is a buzz of chilled, laid-back activities and many amazing sites to see, so make sure you plan on staying for at least a few days to fully appreciate everything in this Italian gem.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the financial back-bone of Denmark, most densely populated, and home to 763,908 people. The city is also an important financial site in Northern Europe, housing the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The city’s cobblestoned streets, exquisite architecture, sandy beaches and pleasant weather have helped thrust Copenhagen forward in mind when it comes to holiday destinations.

The best time to visit Copenhagen is during the spring or summer. Summer (June – August) brings the warmest weather and a few widespread events. The season sees an ultimate high in temperatures, but it is not uncommon for the evenings to become a bit chilly because of the breeze that sweeps across from the Baltic Sea. Those looking for lower rates and fewer crowds can still enjoy the mild weather in the spring (March – May). Between spring and summer the streets come alive as cafes overflow into the sidewalks and streets. Festivals fill the air with music and spirited locals get out and socialize.

There are the winding medieval streets of Indre By and Latin Quarter and the picture-perfect houses of Nyhavn. The elongated canals of Christianshavn and the palaces and parks of Fredericksstaden and Rosenborg add an ancient yet exquisite ambience to the city.


Bilbao, Spain

Being a coastal city, you can expect mild temperatures throughout the year. Bilbao has the ideal weather as winters are not too harsh and the summer months are never uncomfortably hot. From May to October, the city’s beaches are filled with eager swimmers. The coldest months in the city are January and February.

To fully experience the vibrancy of the city, plan to visit in August. Festivals and events are held during this time; enjoy the city fiesta with local music, street theatre and fireworks. You can witness the city come to life. Bilbao boasts the most incredible architecture. The otherworldly designs are a delight for the mind. The buildings draw the attention of passerby's and make you question the thought process behind the unique and beautifully strange architecture.

The city is a marvellous gem for avid hikers. Mount Pagasarri is a definite wonder to be experienced. Along with Bilbao’s beaches, the city has incredible parks too. Totalling 200 hectares of greenery, the city's natural aesthetic is a wonderful destination to relax and enjoy serene views. World renowned museums are located in the art district; it is a great cultural resource and makes the city very interesting, allowing visitors to envision and understand the old and modern Bilbao.

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